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i'm 22 and I love living a healthy lifestyle and rock hard bodies. I also love the outdoors, adventure sports and working out so why not promote them all? I'm here to motivate and be motivated and to make friends with fellow fitness junkies :)

I am pro-fitspo, not thinspo. Ask me anything b/c if I can't answer it I have two certified personal trainer friends who I can ask for you!

an-ambitious-human asked: Need help--I'm trying to stay motivated and fuel my body with good foods, but portion sizes are such a struggle for me, any tips to portion correctly??



More so then portion control - mindful eating is key to a successful fueling session. I want you to really focus on ensuring you’re drinking enough water throughout the day (before and between meals) and that when you do sit down to eat, you’re not distracted and unaware of the energy you’re consuming. A lot of nutritionists stress the significance of preparing your own food and that’s partly due to the fact that the process of putting foods together is a crucial step in consuming every bit of information and nutrients you’re gaining from that particular meal. The preparation is just as significant as consuming. Really taste your food, eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and learn to appreciate the sensation of being satisfied (not stuffed). Practice at each meal and you will slowly become more tuned into your body’s needs. It’s actually pretty cool.

As far as portion control goes, if you’re finding yourself continually struggling in that particular arena, there are a few helpful infographics that I’ve come across online that showcase a “proper” portion (some more helpful than others). This one is fairly easy to recall: 


I hope this was helpful! If anyone else has additional graphics or tips, please feel free to share. I always love contributions.       

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That time Gina Carano and Michael Fassbender went on a date.
This is how most of my dates end too tbh.

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Closeup of the smoothie bowl from the other day 😋
Recipe on the blog:


Closeup of the smoothie bowl from the other day 😋

Recipe on the blog:

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